Crazy Grimer Lady (crazygrimerlady) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Crazy Grimer Lady

Take my stuff!! And looking for a new zukan peg :3

Hello everyone!

I have everything in my sales that I really want gone so I have everything at OBO even if it doesn't say it next to it! So feel free to haggle.


I received sales permission on March 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.

Zukan pegs
I'm looking for a new peg for my electrode zukan. His broke while putting him on his base and now he's just been rolling around my desk. :/ please help me fix him. Oh and I am looking for the base and pegs for quagsire's zukan line. I have both quaggy and whooper but they sadly have no base.

Thank you in advance everyone! :3
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