Kirsty (kirsty) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An absolutely gorgeous get (and overall update from me)

Hi all! Haven't posted about any gets in a while. I've had to really cut back on my spending, especially with collecting, but I've gotten some really cool things... problem is that I've lost track of what's new. But I just received something that I'm immensely fond of...

(click for better view) I purchased this lovely watercolor piece from the talented Cari Corene (Etsy/DA/Tumblr). She did a series of Pokemon and posted about them on Tumblr. I was so taken with this beautiful piece that I contacted her right away and asked if I could purchase it. And as an added gift she also sent a postcard-ish print of a mama Ninetales and her two babies! >w< It happens to be a piece of artwork that I've wanted in some form ever since I've been collecting Vulpix.

1) Auctions just finished up, so I'll be shipping those soon
2) I'll be updating my sales soon, so watch for that
3) Always good to remind everyone of my wishlist
4) In case anyone's interested, I run a Vulpix fan blog on tumblr in which I reblog a lot of merchandise and fanmade items. I'd love to have some community members following and submitting!
5) uhhhhhhhhh ORAS comes out soon and it's pretty much all I can think about
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