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Rare Keychains

I have a couple of rare keychains from the Johto era, new in package! As well as a couple things left over from previous sales.

All previous orders have already been mailed out except one international package, that will go out tomorrow. :)


(*) I'm a slow shipper. Between work and life, it can take between 1-2 weeks to get things out. I usually mail things on a Friday.
(*) Sales permission granted in 2009 by linealba
(*) Feedback can be found: Feeback here
(*) Shipping prices are usually $3.50 for figures, $5 for plush in the US. For international, it's $8 for figures and $10 for plush. Please don't ask for a quote unless you're ordering something that you think is wildly different from these prices above. I don't charge any additional fees.

Marill, Totodile, Bellosom, Togepi, Cyndaquil, Chikorita - $7 each

(Only the plush listed below are available)

Tufty Pichu with Leaf - $20
Meowstic Male and Female Plush (Pokemon Center Standard Size, original release) - $10 each
Flareon Pokeon Center Plush (standing) - $10
Flareon Sitting plush (in the back) - $10
Wobbuffet Jacks Plush (talking) - $10

Ghost/Psychic Type Items

Memo Pad - $10
Rubber Keychains - $5 each
Glasses/mobile phone bag - $5
Mini Cloth - $8
Heal Ball - $3

Espurr Wanted! Bag NWT (Large Two-Way Tote. Not my image) - $30

2014-02-19 13.24.57

Pokemon Time Cloth/Lunch Mat - $25

Espeon/Umbreon Promo Mini Bag (2009, NWT) - $30

And just because I always post it:

Vulpix Trading Items

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