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Gets and Memory Lane Trip!

Will start out with my recent gets. WalMart recently stocked some new Pokemon items. They had two different Eeveelution packs, but only had one with Glaceon/Sylveon/Leafeon, so I bought it. I really like the matte color instead of the shiny paint.

Then the kids arrived in the mail earlier in the week as well. Really happy about nabbing the Houndour and Growlithe because I feel like they normally go very fast. Of course happy with the Suicune because Suicune. =3
 photo NewGets_zps3f88bf92.jpg


Today, while digging out my boxes to prepare to move soon(hopefully), I found my box of old Pokemon stuff. I had to open it. I wanted to see just what all I had, but I pretty much knew.

 photo OldPokemonStuff_zps51af9946.jpg
Oh look.. you know my name now!

(WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES UNDER CUT) - Lots of old stuff from 1998-200?

 photo OpenedBox_zps7b1fa47d.jpg
Well, this is a bit messy. Let's start with the bag.

 photo TomyBag_zps444f3b26.jpg
My old TOMY figures! I picked them out one by one and lined them all up.

 photo OldTomy01_zps95c9df79.jpg photo OldTomy02_zps5cd0755e.jpg photo OldTomy03_zps5ef9c3f2.jpg photo OldTomy04_zpse92aa3fb.jpg
For being stored in a bag they are still all in really good condition. Not to mention being carried around in my pockets long ago. Only Beedril is "broken", but I remember that happened before being packed away for so long. His stinger came off the base.

 photo BKGoldCards01_zpsc7d5769a.jpg photo BKGoldCards02_zps5dcc2e2d.jpg
BK Gold Cards. Boxes are in meh shape, most probably just need to be flattened and put under something heavy for a bit. Charizard is missing one of the stands, which I didn't see in the box anywhere after emptying most of it.

 photo HasbroPlush01_zpsb5a83cbd.jpg photo HasbroPlush02_zps2936792e.jpg photo HasbroPlush03_zpsb4e7acbd.jpg
Hasbro Plush! Most of the tags are just curled and a lot still have the price tags on them. Didn't realize I had so many.

 photo PlushKeychains_zps2d57e450.jpg
Not sure who produced these. Tush tag says An Accessory Network Product. Plushy keychains. Mew has a poseable tail.

 photo BKBeanies_zpscb529682.jpg
BK Beanies. Surprised I only have three of these. Togepi has some dirt on his cheek. It was coming off a bit with my nail, so not sure if I can get it off.

 photo Keychains01_zps779416ae.jpg
BK Keychains in the back row, light up keychains in front. None of them light up anymore, probably just need batteries.

 photo PokeballKeychains02_zpsc3e25f58.jpg photo PokeballKeychains01_zps6d40c356.jpg
Pokeball keychains. They pop open by pushing the button on the front. There is a little hole in the side for the keychain to come out. Pokemon inside can be removed.

 photo PocketPokemon01_zps09b76d9e.jpg photo PocketPokemon02_zps7530e226.jpg
Polly Pocket meets Pokemon. These were always a pain to shut again because you had to put the pieces just right or else it wouldn't shut.

 photo RollerStamps02_zps16c2ac0a.jpg
Roller stamps. Some had some leakage issues probably from the temperature changes in the garage. I tried to clean them up the best I could. They all still work despite leaking.

 photo BK3DCards01_zpsf2427c23.jpg photo BK3DCards02_zps1f375e9b.jpg
BK 3D cards. Charmander still lights up! Bulbasaur doesn't though. The eggs get stuck on Exeggcute. Porygon was found later.

 photo OldPremadeBoxes01_zps707847b9.jpg photo OldPremadeBoxes02_zpsda8cb9df.jpg
Old premade deck boxes. Mostly just have energy in them. Jungle one had counters.

 photo Skateboards01_zpsbe770d2c.jpg photo Skateboards02_zpsf30cf95f.jpg
Back when these were popular they made some Pokemon themed ones. Still have all the wheels to change them up.

 photo WaterSquirters_zps69514973.jpg

BK Shelder water squirter, then some squishy rubber ones.

 photo SqueekToys_zpsae388edf.jpg
Possibly bootie rubber squeak toys. I don't remember where I got them anymore.

 photo SquishyPokes_zpsb40c3b83.jpg
"Stress ball" squishies. They've seen better days. Gengar has cat teeth marks in him, Pika's ears completely came off when my niece used him.

 photo AccessorySet01_zpsdf5b3f08.jpg photo AccessorySet02_zpsc389f537.jpg
Accessory set! Pikachu is a stapler, Jigglypuff is tape dispenser, Bulbasaur is a pencil sharpener, and Poliwhirl is a tape measure.

 photo PokeTops_zps380319e8.jpg
BK tops. Clefairy is a little scuffed up.

 photo RubberBalls_zps8f658c14.jpg
Rubber balls that are.. very cloudy. Anyone know how to clean these up?

 photo TalkingFigures_zps65d1df86.jpg
Electronic talking figures. Some still work, others need batteries. Togepi came with the paint mishap when I got it.

 photo HumanFigures_zps5c6cd930.jpg
Team Rocket! With Misty and Ash.

 photo BKCups_zps8a08942c.jpg
Yes, I even saved the cups. Only the movie one has some soda staining inside.

 photo CJTattooMovieTicket_zps79eada9e.jpg
Cracker Jack tattoos and my movie ticket for the first? movie.

 photo VariousLeftovers_zps4d1f0a64.jpg
Last of the random stuff left. Mewtwo candy, Raichu that doesn't light up anymore, pokedex shooters, and an Ekans and Beedril stamp.

 photo TomyCoins_zps8fb16504.jpg
Scattered all over the bottom of the box were the coins that came with the TOMY figures back when.

 photo BottomBox_zps54c929b4.jpg
Well, we made it to the bottom of the box. All that is left if pokeball halves and various bits. Yes, that is a giant pokeball cluster from BK? I think.

 photo CharmanderTin_zps8a62a679.jpg
I bought this at a Goodwill long ago. It was in this condition when I got it. It was empty, but I stored stuff in it.

 photo BookletStickers_zps9cf11e82.jpg
My old badge book, promo tracker, empty card packs, and a bunch of stickers. The long ones were wrapped around lollipops.

 photo 2DCards_zpsc8bfeb8a.jpg
Little changer cards.

I also found my old TCG collection. Here are a few pages from it.
 photo TCG01_zpsc735a0ad.jpg photo TCG02_zps4d8cf473.jpg photo TCG03_zpsd0bf4259.jpg photo TCG04_zps04c33cf0.jpg photo TCG05_zps241df4dd.jpg photo TCG06_zps0ac86f68.jpg photo TCG07_zps18a409cc.jpg photo TCG08_zps99354906.jpg
The blank spot in my Suicunes really upsets me. My favorite legendary and I'm missing the NEO card...

Collector Sets.
 photo NEOCollectorSet_zpsa488d473.jpg photo NEOStarterCollectorSet_zpsde95c391.jpg photo SouthernIslandsCards01_zps0f1e92b5.jpg photo SouthernIslandsCards02_zps6877e79b.jpg

TOPPS Cards first page. Don't have many. (More not pictured)
 photo TOPSCards_zpsabac47c6.jpg

BK Cards and sheets. (More not pictured)
 photo BKCards01_zps95d52df7.jpg photo BKCards02_zpsb462dcb8.jpg

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