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Christmas Chespin Plush Auction and Small Sales

Hey guys. I've been trying not to buy as much lately due to hard times monetarily, but I saw the new pokecen plush altaria and I couldn't help myself. It's just so soft and fluffy looking and I was going to have one on my team in alpha sapphire anyway and ASDFHJKL! I'll probably do an update with it when it arrives.
Anyway, in order to make some money back I have some small sales and an auction for you today. The decision to get rid of my chespin was a hard one because he is so soft and cute, but in the end I'm not that huge of a chespin fan in the first place. Maybe he'd be loved a little more somewhere else.


Sales permission granted on 12/9/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback here:

2013 Holiday Chespin plush:


In really good condition, I only displayed it after getting it from Sunnyshore around Christmas last year. Hang tag is detached.
Starts at $25


-I ship from central New York to worldwide
-Prices in USD
-comes from a smoke and pet free home
-Shipping for the US is going to be around $3 and if you want tracking it will be around $6 (usps priorty)
-International shipping starts around $7 and if you want tracking it can be $20 to $25 (Sorry it's so ridiculous)
-All normal community auction rules apply and I only sell to members of Pkmncollectors
-I accept paypal only
-A bid is only valid if you respond to the highest bidder
-please bid in increments of $1
-If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the auction the auction will extend 5 more minutes and so on until there are no more bids, so no sniping.

Auction ends next monday (11/3) at 6pm EST. Countdown timer here.

-I only sell to members of the Pokemoncollectors community.
-Smoke and pet free home
-Prices do not include shipping or fees. If you would like a quote, don't be afraid to ask (because of the rise in international shipping for USPS, international purchases may be quite expensive- any envelope that exceeds the 1/4'' variation in thickness or is thicker than 3/4'' is like $12 to ship. It's ridiculous.)
-If you do ask for a quote, please be sure to let me know if you still want the item or not. I don't want to be holding things unnecessarily.
-You only claim an item if you specifically say that you're committed, interested in it or want a quote
-The first person to claim an item is determined by timestamp, not comment location. (if person A, who commented earlier, asks for another item by editing their comment and person B already asked for that item in a later comment, person B will get first shot at the item)
-If you don't respond in 24 hours after asking for a quote and someone else is interested I will pass the item on to them.
-If you want a more detailed description of condition or more pictures just ask.
-I ship from central New York, United States and will ship internationally
-Paypal only.
-All prices are in US Dollars.
-Once I send a package I am no longer responsible for it. I will try and pack everything as safely as I can.
-If you want to add tracking just say so, I will give you a total for priority mail instead of the standard first class. (can be expensive internationally)

Just click on a picture if you want to see a larger version.

I promise to keep everyone updated and let you know when your packages are sent. It shouldn't be more than a couple days between when I receive payment and when I send unless it's around a holiday or something.


Pokemon Heroes Movie DVD -$9
Tested and plays fine. It was always handled carefully.


Promo coin form the 3rd pokemon movie -$.75
It shows 4 different designs when held from different angles: pikachu and the pichu brothers, all the unown forms, the corresponding letters for the unown forms, and the pokemon the 3rd movie logo.

I also have a small Brook (from One Piece) clip figure that I'm trying to get rid of here in my non-pokemon sales if anyone's interested.

Thanks for looking! :)
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