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Noivern OC and figure gets

Hey guys :)

I wanna introduce Fynn to you :)
He's my OC shiny version of Noivern. He is white with a grey mane and wing spikes and has a dark berry tone for his red parts and has red instead of yellow eyes. And he absolutely loves hot chocolate :D

Here's what I commissioned of him already.
The bookmark is by the wonderful agui_chan <3
And the figure is by wishuponjirachi.


I also got a few other figures, see under the cut :)


From the back - so cute! The figure is sooo tiny :D


And I also got this super cute devil Charizard Halloween figure from her <33


My other figure gets.
I decided to collect my favorite Kid figures. Those are also from agui_chan. Quilava is so cute! ^_^ And Swinub has a little tail :D I love the Totodile line and Tepig is super cute too though I am not a big fan of the gen5 starters.


And these are from another comm member whose name I can't remember. :( I got them from their storenvy store.


Charmander grabby figure, old Kid and stamper, and Dratini, Dragonite, Raichu and normal Omanyte Kids. Now I got the clear and the normal Omanyte. ^^ I've been looking for that Raichu forever but someone else always got the Raichus before me ;_; The Omanyte, Raichu and Charmanders are for my respective collections.

And I took a photo of all my Char line figures I have so far. My favorites are the newer Charmander Kid and the poseable Chariard Tomy figure.


And last but not least: a new Pokedoll companion! :)
Been looking for Cyndaquil for a while now. He's actually one of my favorites because he's so flat and cute :D <3


And he's a hat xD


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