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This year my advent calendar is awesome.

And even better, it has Glaceon on the front. But wait - French text? That can only mean one thing....

It appears as though France can't get enough of Pokemon (and some other anime as well), because in TRU they've moved it to the front of the store - As a hot seller. Which is more than I can say for my TRU. And they've also got 3 times the amount of stuff the UK seem to have (Including duplicate merch). But, in the past years, they've surpassed us with Pokes anyway, so let's get on with it, shall we?

To start off with - The new Jakks figures! Yes, Europe (or France at least) have FINALLY got in the Raichu set! We were also lucky to nab the final Lucario there :o

Marble sets 3 and 4. Raichu, Shieldon and Monferno, yay!

PLUSHIEEEEEEEEES. The Pika was the last one there. I guess it's not too surprising though, seeing as Poke plushies aren't as easy to get hold of as they used to be.

That's all from Jakks, let's take a quick peek at the gashapon.

All the gashas in one pic - Okay, the Dinos weren't gashapon but still. I got duplicates of Pachirisu and Drifblim, which WILL be up for sale later today. They also had Mario too, but I didn't have a 2 Euro coin on hand D:

Next, cards.

Fwee~ the Shieldon promo I'd been after and a Raichu promo!

The better of my pulls. ZIGZATOOOOOOOON!

Now. Euro exclusives!

Marble battles. They're all the rage.

Up close of the figures. LOOK AT THE GREAT PAINT JOBS. And they didn't even colour Pikas back, because they're too cool for paint.

2009 Calendar! Not as good as the Japanese ones, but not too bad for an EU release. The stickers were all regular ones.... But! They did have 6 different stickers of the lions, one of which had my favourite Shinx pose! :D

And the poster inside the calendar. GAH, so cool. And I'm sorry for the camera glare.

Pokemon Puzzle Balls? How cool. In the smaller sets, they also had Pochama, Turtwig and Dialga and Palkia. Even more great, is that you only need to display one of the Pokes.

All the different sides.

And finally, DVDs. I mostly picked up ones with charas I liked, save for the Pikachu one - It had the Absol ep on it. Ash's voice is actually not too bad, even if it is a bit deeper than other VAs. ZIGZATON. ZIGATON ZIGZATOOOOON. <- I may just have to rip Ziggy's voice for a laugh. Ignore Bakura plz.

Eh, I don't know if this is European exclusive or not, but it's still a new get. Do love <3 They also had a poster of all the DP Pokedex mons too.

And that concludes Calais 2008. I might consider going back in December (for Christmas purchases), though it seems unlikely. A VERY small sales will be going up later today.
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