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hello! (introduction and part of my collection)

hey there! my name is kelsi (though i also go by mitzi on various other places on the internet), and i've been in love with pokemon since as long as i can remember. my favorite pokemon (and therefore, the pokemon i'm most interested in collecting) are cyndaquil, mew, and latias! i'm also looking into starting a sharpedo and torchic collection! under the cut is a bit more about me, a picture of some of my collection, and some wants!

(gosh i hope i did this cut right, i'm really not familiar with livejournal AT ALL D:)

anyways, a bit more about me: i love sharks. a lot. i'm going to college so i can get a job studying sharks after my gap year. so if you like sharks please talk to me :'D i also like various anime, a lot of video games (pokemon being my favorite, of course!), and i'm huge into cosplay - currently working on my lyra cosplay, actually! i also live in new england, if that means anything to anybody :3

and now for a collection picture!Needham-20141025-00076
(is this too large? i'm sorry, i'm really new to this D:)
this is a horrid picture and i'm terribly sorry about that! i took it with my phone a few days ago.

unfortunately, this is all i have on display right now even though i have a lot (and i mean A LOT) more stuff! i moved into my boyfriend's house about a year ago and i still haven't been able to make room to display everything and get everything over here, ahaha. i am not so patiently awaiting the day i can show everything off.

i also have a huge collection of TCG cards that isn't shown here, along with about 100 more figures and maybe 10 more plushes? yeah, that sounds about right.

as you can see i really love the pokedoll plushes ;w; and tiny figures!!! the smaller the figure the better :D

moving on, though, there are a few things i'm really looking for right now:
the snowman torchic plush!!!!!! this is a big want of mine, i love torchic, and i would really love to have this little guy for christmas ;o;
and finally (for now) the cyndaquil walky plush! this little guy is super cute and i would love to further expand my cyndaquil collection!!!

thank you for your time!!!! i can't wait to buy some cool stuff and maybe one day sell some cool stuff, too! :D
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