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pokedoll figure gets and stuff!

I don't do collection updates often but I thought I'd do one of my pokedoll figure/charm collection cause I got quite a few things. *^*

First, a custom!

Sylveon pokedoll figure! I have been really annoyed that there hasn't been one yet (especially with there being a full set of eeveelutions released with last year's ichiban kuji) SO i had being trying to find someone to commission to make one, and the lovely solishark offered to make me one!
(Shhh i stole Piplup's base for now until I get Sylveon one)

Here she is with Eevee! I love her tons! <3 thank you again Solishark for your hard work!

I also got several official ones, including completing my 2003 set of pokedoll figures! ahhhh!

YAAASSS. I was so happy that I got to finish this. Special thanks to those who participated in my last GA as well as xxlatiosxx who showed me the lot! Squeeeeeee. <3
I hope to get them all MIB one day, but tthese guys will do for now ^w^

I also managed to find this set on YJ so it was nice to get them all at once, especially MIP!

I managed to find leggy-forme of Giratina too! Now I need Shaymin's sky forme since I have the land forme. ;u;

Here is my pokedoll figure shelf as of today. It's getting kind of full, but hopefully I will be able to hang any new ones I get or something. xD

I moved my pokedoll charms here. I decided just to collect pokedoll 'charms' in general, asside from just the 5-set metal ones. ;u;

Finally, I am looking for some things:

Pokedoll Figure base (from the ichiban kuji sets) I would prefer a pink one. If I can't just buy a base, I would be willing to buy a figure w/ base if you have a cheap one!

My wants list is also here: clicky.
Keep in mind that I am looking for ANY type of pokedoll figure or charm - I don't mind if it's on a strap/keychain, stamp, on a tin, or anything else! I know there are a LOT out there but I'd like to get them all!
Tags: collection update, pokedolls, sylveon
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