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Just bought a new awesome TOMY lot! + introduction!

Hello boys and girls since i'm new to the pkmncollectors forum I would like to introduce myself!

I'm 20 years old, from the Netherlands,  and I always collected pokemon cards when i was young (10/12 years or so). So last time I was looking in my room and I saw I lost a big chunck of my old pokemon card collection (neo relevation set gone, half of my skyridge, aquapolis and expedition holo's lost and the list goes on.. So I decided to sell the rest of my pokemon card collection for a whopping 600 euro's!! (I needed to money to keep on going with my study as physiotherapist (3rd year now).

But since my love for pokemon is still strong hahah, probably because of the nostalgic value I started collecting pokemon again. But now pokemon figures! I still had some in my room and I bought this lot for 200 euros (250 dollars). It was an awesome lot including almost 250 original TOMY figures. With a lot of valueable TOMY's in it.

My favourite pokemon is Tyranitar, which wasn't included in the lot..

Anyway enough about me, here are the PICS you've been waiting for. I also just bought a new lot For only 50 dollars with awesome tomy figures! It includes a TOMY VOLTORB AND TOMY DITTO!! a gastly, nidorina, nidorina, ponyta, beautyfly and a cloyster. For a perfect price of only 50 dollars.

Enough talk about the stuff, here are the pics.

BTW: I want to sell my doubles, but since i'm just new on the pkmncollectors livejournal I don't think I will be able to get sales permission since I'm not really known on this site! But by this way I hope I will be able to get myself known!
I also will post a journal when the new lot with the voltorb will arive!


photo 2

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