erikiteru (erikiteru) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another collection update!

My collection has grown a bit since the last time I've posted. Have a look under the cut!

This is the first photo I've taken of my collection. I posted this back in August, I think?

photo 1(1)
This is the photo I've taken today! I'm quite proud of how far it has come!

photo 3(1)
photo 4(1)
This is a custom Heliolisk plush made by lrk-creations! I bought him from denkimouse!
He is made extremely well and stands close to Heliolisk's actual size! I absolutely adore him.

photo 2
Magic fire foxes! This is a newer collection of mine. While I love fennekin, I'm probably going to focus more on collecting merch of Braixen and Delphox. I could not resist the Pokedoll though!
Thanks for looking! :)

Tags: braixen, collection update, delphox, fennekin, heliolisk, helioptile
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