ceruleanblues15 (ceruleanblues15) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help please

Hey guys. I remember that I saw someone selling the foam versions of Pokeballs, but I can't remember exactly whose sales post was it >_> yeah go me. I forgot to bookmark it to come back to it later, but I do kind of need a pokeball for a pokemon cosplay XD So if anyone knows who it was, or has their own to sale, could they let me know?

EDIT: Finally found the post, and thanks to everyone that are also willing to sale to me as well!
Also this might be a stretch, but does anyone also have a 2009 takara tomy Totodile plush for sale? It doesn't have to be MWT and does anyone have or know where to get a Johto pokedex? I think those have become extremely rare now, or I'm just looking in the wrong places. Thanks again!
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