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Zukan offers, some quick sales and awesome gets

Hi guys! I have more items for sale: fairy ippai figures, some plushies and some zukan for offers like the Arcanine zukan piece!
OFFERS: I'll close the offers when I find an offer I appreciatte or 24 hours after the last comment from my reminder

Arcanine starts at 20$
Salamence starts at 15$
Gastrodon zukan pieces starts at 5$


Bunnealby and Dedenne UFO plushies 12$ OBO each
Pikachu 8$ OBO
Sylveon ippai 10$
Gardevoir 7$
Dedenne, Marill 5$ each

Darkrai, Electivire, Infernape, Dialga DX 4$ each
Gardevoir, Altaria kid 2$ each
Random figures 3$ each
Rayquaza, Giratina, Heatran, Zoroark, red Arceus, regular Arceus, Croagunk, Ho-oh

And finally some AWESOME gets I got these days <3 From yahoo and from the community ^^
These guys are all of them from yahoo!
Vulpix UFO plush. I have been searching for these Vulpix ufo plushies for some time and I finally got one for a good price! I'm still searching for the terrycloth version :'(
Feraligatr UFO, I love the Johto starters and it was REALLY CHEAP >.< Now I only need the Meganium to get the full trio! I love these UFO plushies, they are wonderfull <3
Houndour DX figure. It's pity since on the other side of his head, he has some marks and they don't disappear :( However it's big and amazing!
Tyrunt MPC plush.
Hawlucha MPC plush. Kinda BATMAN
Heracross Paki Paki plush. I thought it would be bigger and when you move his arms it makes an horrible noise :___ However it's really cool!
Mudkip Walky plush. THE TINY FACES.
Piplup and Driflimb are from yahoo and I don't know what kind of figure they are.
And the others are from the community.
Typhlosion pencil topper, finally! and Luxray and Politoed amadas from a deal with haepbrosonearth
And Growlithe, Manectric, Charmander megabloks and Typhlosion suction cup from aarux I'm still missing the Vulpix and Houndoom ones! >.<
Tags: arcanine, bunnelby, collection, dedenne, gardevoir, gastrodon, gets, marill, offers, pikachu, salamence, sales, sylveon
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