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Honedge line collection update!

Hello there guys!
It has been two months since I have shown my Honedge line collection, and during this time, I was able to aquire some very nice and lovely merchandise since then! So here it is! Not many people like this line, but I hope some of you will enjoy my update nonetheless!
Lately, I have been also doing treasurehunting in books! Almost every book like item I have acquired had some hidden swords in it, which makes me so happy!

Enough my tattering, so here it comes!

honedge spriteHONEDGEhonedge sprite

I couldn't believe my eyes that the next World Championships took place right where I used to live! It made me so happy, yet sad that I didn't live there anymore. Still, I am SO happy nonetheless, because I can proudly say that I own every merchandise that has been released with those Honedges! I only have two with me, but I will be getting the rest soon!

PWC 2014 - Playmat

PWC 2014 - Drawstring Bag

Pokemon Quiz Book! This book I was able to get only thanks to mewmew151, because she has shown me this book!!! I was so happy to see some more Honedge <333


Pokemon Center clearfile from a whole set! At first I thought that these clearfiles would be small, but they are in fact the usual clearfile size, which shows all the beautiful details of the entire clearfiles! This one is just absolutely gorgeous <3333

Janken small sheet from a LOTTE gum candy! This was a very random find on YJ, and once I have seen it, it was an instant buy! I wonder if there are Doublade and Aegi too? Who knows, I am happy with just Honedge now!

Some more TCG cards that I have been looking for! The first is a German card, the third one is a special McDonald's card from the US that I got thanks to princess_snivy!! Thank you hunnie!

Some Korean 3D stickers I was able to get thanks to mitchichen, thank you so much hunnie!!!

doublade spriteDOUBLADEdoublade sprite

Pokemon XY Math Quiz book - what a random find! This is pretty much what it is, a Mathematics quiz book for children! There are only a few Pokemon included (around 10), including Doublade, which is a very random pick!

Doublade Trozei sticker from the second set! Honedge was featured in the first set, and Doublade in the second!!! Maybe Aegi in third?? That would be lovely!! I was able to get this beauty thanks to dezi_kitsune, thank you so much! <33

Doublade Karutta cards!! These beauties were included in the next Karutta cards set, which was very surprising to see Doublade, but not Honedge or Aegislash! I am super happy that middle swords get some more love in merchandise <33


Cream Sandwich Cookies box including Aegislash - I wouldn't have known about these if it weren't for hawlucha, thank you so so much hunnie!!! The box itself is gorgeous and the cookies inside were super delicious <333

Very pretty Pokemon Center ruler with Aegislash included (next to Yveltal). This was another random find on YJ, and I am happy to own merchandise that is hard to get (as pick ups don't tend to be for small things like these)!

Dialga + Aegislash TCG book!

Dialga + Aegislash TCG deck box with Aegislash EX card!!! Just look at that gorgeous art of Aegi! When these were announced, I couldn't wait for these to come into my hands! I actually own now about 3 of Aegi EXes, that's how much I adore them!

Another lovely children's quiz book with Aegislash included! Even though he is just a tiny part of this book, I am happy nonetheless! <3333

More Aegislash TCG! I was able to get all of these three variations only thanks to princess_snivy <333

honedge spritedoublade spriteMIX OF ALL

Pokemon Center tea cups - These were a find only thanks to riolu!!! When these came out, I was so so excited!!! You could not buy these at the Pokemon Center just like that, you only got random one if you spent above 3000 yen I believe!

Diancie movie sticker book - A lovely small sticker book from the Diancie movie I was able to find! So happy to have seen that Honedge line was included in this, I had to buy it immediately!!

Pokemon XY sticker book - This was probably the first sticker book of XY ever made, which included every XY Pokemon in it, including my Honedge line!

Pokemon XY Pokedex book with Honedge line in it!!

Pokemon XY comic book with Honedge line! I wish I knew what they were saying X'D

Another small quiz book with Honedge line in it!!

Another Pokemon XY Quiz book! I have only kept sheets with Hoendge line and sold the rest to others :D

This is a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to hawlucha, thanks to whom I could find these three stickers with Honedge line!!! Since two months ago, I have been looking for these to no avail, when suddenly hawlucha messages me about these! I had to get the whole set immediately!!! These Meitetsu stickers are very rare and hard to find now, and were available only through a stamp rally! So so happy to own these, thank you hunnie <3333

JR LINE stamp rally sheet! This is another Diancie movie stamp rally sheet, this one is from JR Line, and not 7-11! I feel very lucky to have gotten this flyer that even included a stamped Aegislash on it!

This is another stamp rally sheet, but for different prizes! This sheet included only Honedge and Aegislash and their stamp locations, but even though I don't have the stamped swords, I am happy to see even a sheet with them XD


Diancie Movie sticker sheets - These were a very random find!!! These 4 sticker sheets open like books, and each of the four sticker sheet includes high quality made stickers! Sticker sheets number 3 (Yveltal) and 4 (Xerneas) include even sticker of Honedge and Aegislash in them, so it makes me very happy I got these!!!

This is all what I was able to get for Honedge line in the last two months, and I have more to come!!! It is not that much, but finding more merchandise always makes me happy!!

I also have a collection site dedicated to them, so I would appreciate it, if you would take a look! Click on the picture to be redirected <3


And last thing I am looking for!!

I am looking for this adorable Pokemon center notebook with Honedge on it!!! If you ever see it somewhere, or if you have it, you can have all my money <333

Thank you so much for looking :D

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