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Unpacking Red/Green Vending Gift Set

Gather around folks! Today I'm going to show you a step-by-step unpacking and the contents of the elusive [ Japanese Red/Green Quick Starter Gift Set]. gives a qucik run-down on the entire set, but I've never seen pictures of its contents online.

From Pojo:
The cards listed below are part of the Japanese Red/Green Quick Starter Deck Promo Set.  This Set was made for the Christmas season in 1998.  It came with 2 "starter" decks (Red & Green) of 29 cards each plus energy , damage counters, A Blue Vending sheet, rule book, two battle coins, and a Playmat.  The two decks are made up of cards from the Vending series; the only difference is that the Red & Green cards have no rarity symbols on them which make the high prized indeed! 

I received mine in its original packaging, and even though a lot of collectors think the value of an item goes down once its plastic wrapping has been removed, I personally would have gone crazy wanting to see what was inside this box.

Wrapping removed. No going back now

This is the first thing you see once you open the box. A sheet of vending cards and a very nice cloth game field

Remove the vending sheet and you're greeted with a really cute magazine with two SECKKRIT cards attached to it. More on this later

The battlefield is pretty neato, but I didn't want to unfold it all the way

ALRIGHT NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF! The box is split up into two decks, a 'Red Box' and a 'Green Box'. On the side you have plastic counters(I've never seen the green Chansey one), coins, and the usual rulebook

Sorry it's blurry :(

I started with the Red Box

BAM! Already greeted with AMAZING cards! The red box features HOLOGRAPHIC vending Articuno, Zapdos, and Masterball. Hoo-lee-crap they are beautiful

And now for the cards, in order. It starts with the Poliwag and moves to the right. Immediately, I noticed a few differences from these cards and from the actual vending sheet promos:

1. They are NOT glossy
2. They are missing rarity symbols

So yes, these cards are much rarer than their glossy counterparts.

The rest of the cards were trainers and energy cards, so I didn't take pictures. Now, onto...


Holo Moltres, SCYTHER (OH MAN!!) and another Master Ball

Again, the rest of the cards in this box were trainers or energy, so I didn't bother with documenting them

Remember the little magazine from earlier? Let's check it out~

The two SECKRIT cards areeee

GIFT SET PROMO DIGLETT AND DUGTRIO! I have been looking for these cards for a long time. This really was a surprise

I then took some pictures of the magazine. Some of the pages had art I've never seen before.

Anddd that's pretty much it! I have been seeking out this Gift Set for many years, and I'm so glad that I was able to find it by chance, browsing through BrianJapan's Ebay shop. Unfortunately, as much as I want to freely display these cards in my binder, I want to keep the set as intact as possible, so all of the cards are going back in the box :(

However, I'll be linking this post to my [collection] page, which I guess is the next-best thing.

I hope everyboy enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed actually going through it, and I hope I'm the first person to actually provide photographic evidence of its contents.
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