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small gets + need more advice

Just a quick gets update.

I bought these charm sets.


If you noticed, I had a friend bought one set and I bought another set so we can trade charms because she only wanted two pokemon from her set and 2 from mine and I only wanted 2 pokemon from my set and 2 from hers. Gengar metal charm is a must. I love Gengar.


There was a con last month and they had a small pokemon booth and I had to get some. I spent too much on that booth alone. Pokemon stuff at conventions are the worst. The bad thing is, there was a small dirt on Raichu's stomach and Espurr's butt is a little torned D:

A few weeks or so, I went to a comic shop to get a Gengar Petit plush because I saw it at the shop that one time but it got sold out. I was so pissed because I went there just to get it only to find out it was sold out so I bought this Bulbasaur Pokedoll instead. I don't regret it one bit. He looks so derpy!


I need some advice!
1) For those of you who collect metal charms, how do you display them? Or how do you keep them? I bought these charms out of impulse and I have no idea what to do with them at the moment lol.

2)This one is custom related. For those who buys commission, what kind of commission do you like? I'm asking this because I MAY be planning to take commission once I have sales permission but I'm not too sure what people might like. I'm more into making stickers or basically drawing digitally and printing them out. Not too sure if people like these but let me know. I'm not good with crafts so that's out of the question.

Thank you so much!
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