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Mini sales, and kids wishlist!

In follow up to my earlier post. Because the sales are small, I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw my kids wishlist out there too.

(Images from this site)

#1 Wish

I.... Want this guy so badly. Ever since I saw him over a year ago, he's been my most wanted kid. I actually love Mankey, and aside from being the only missing Mankey kid (minus clears), it's the Mankey from my most favourite episode of Pokemon. And he's wearing Satoshi's cap, which makes him the most desirable kid out there for me ;__;

The rest:

There are clears I'm interested in too - Quite a few. If you have clears (That weren't available in the box sets), let me know!

Paypal only, unless in the UK!

Lamincards - Clear plastic cards in French. $2 each

More Lamincards. $1.50 each

Misc. Drifblim is $5, Pachirisu are $2 each, Caninos (aka Growlithe) $1, Lovdisc (not a typo) and Lumivole (Illumise) $0.50 each
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