yellow_fr3ak (yellow_fr3ak) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Halloween Contest Update! +what are your favorite figures/plushies?

Just letting you guys know that the entries are being judged now but there may be a delay in the results getting posted. I was hoping to have the winners announce on Halloween but some of the votes are coming in a ted slow :P

Anyway check out the lovely entries in the meantime!

Feel free to discuss the constest here or on the contest entry.

and just to keep things interesting what are you absolute favorite figures and plushies?
My favorite type of figures are Keshipoke and Chupa but my absolute favorite figure has to be this strap in particular

It's so small and detailed <3 ah!!

As for plushie it's got to be pokedolls with my favorite being Nemesis! (that's the doll's name)


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