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First Gen Eraser/Minifigures Sales and Blaziken Choco Egg Auction


I got a little more than what I thought I was getting so before I throw all these into LolBay, would anyone fancy some of these awesome mini figures? There's only first gen Pokemon but I have a lot (some multiples) and I even ended up with multiples of Gengar and its evolutions. They're all mint and came in capsules, except for a few but they're still mint. This dude even threw me in one of those Blaziken secret rare choco figures; most generous seller ever. but y u no throw me a gengar. This sales post is Ctrl+F friendly.
Just an idea of how many of these fricken things I ended up with:
I'm gonna be having capsules for dinner.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

regular gengar tongue Info:
•I ship from the USA. I do ship internationally. Domestic shipping starts at $2.28 and Int. starts at $6.70. Shipping is done within TWO business days for both domestic and international orders. Tracking is free with domestic orders.

•I take Paypal. All prices are in USD. Send money as "goods" and not as a "gift". If sending an e-check, it will delay the shipment of your purchase until it clears.

•The prices you see is all you're paying for; there is nothing more after that. With prices involving quotes or auctions, I cannot calculate the total until after.

•You do not need to commit to get priority. After I get you the quote, as courtesy to others who might also be interested, reply if you're interested or not so we can all move along.

Payment is due in 24 hours after your total is posted if you commit.

•Non-smoking home but I have a dog; it's impossible to keep every single hair out.

•Once the package leaves my claws, I can no longer be held responsible for it. I offer insurance for domestic orders; contact me if you want insurance for an international order(VERY.EXPENSIVE). All sales are final, no returns. If I somehow sent you the wrong item, I will ship you the right one at no extra charge.

mega gengar Storenvy Info:
•Shopping at Storenvy is simple and everything is done through Paypal or Stripe.

If you're buying two or more "extra small items" (ones that can be shipped in regular envelopes), make sure to read the extra step you need to take in the item's description. It's just adding an item to your cart to be able to ship the second one you're buying or to upgrade to a bubble mailer. If you're buying something that needs to be shipped in a mailer anyways along with a small item, you do not need to add anything extra and can checkout as normal.

•Even with everything going through Storenvy, feel free to ask any questions or for more pictures. You may also ask for holds but holds=commitment. If you fail to pay on the specified date, we're gonna have a bad time.

Trades/Partial Trades
If you have anything Gengar or Darkrai related in good condition, PLEASE. My wants list is HERE if you're interested in a trade.

regular gengar Auction Rules
•Bid in increments of $1.
•Reply to the previous highest bidder or your bid will not be counted.
•No obvious sniping because ain't nobody got time for that.
PAYMENT IS DUE 48 HOURS AFTER YOUR TOTAL IS POSTED. If you do not pay, that's it,gg. Item goes to the second highest bidder. No more chasing people for payments.
•Auction will run until Saturday, November 1st at 11pm Eastern Time. Here is the timer: http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20141101T23&p0=861&msg=Fire+Chikin+Auction&csz=1

I HAVE MULTIPLES OF SOME; I WILL NOTE SO BELOW. Once it is fully crossed out, it's sold. Also, that big part sticking from some of the eraser is suppose to be twisted off but I left it on for you to do it.

$3.25 each
Purple Gengar, Yellow Gengar, Yellow Haunter x2, Purple Haunter x1 2, Blue Ninetales, Green Ninetales, Eevee, Arcanine (not an eraser, but a mini figure part of bigger box sets by Bandai)

$2.55 each
Purple Clefairy, Red Clefairy x3, Green Wigglytuff, Blue Wigglytuff, Ponyta, Rapidash

$2.55 each
Green Farfetch'd, Blue Farfetch'd x1 2, Green Jynx, Blue Jynx x2, Beedrill x2

$2.55 each
Magmar, Charmander (not erasers, but mini figures part of bigger box sets by Bandai)
Yellow Gastly x2, Purple Gastly x2, Slowbro, Cloyster x2, Kabutops, Kabuto

$1.65 each
Drowzee, Blue Electrode x2, Green Electrode, Pinsir, Lickitung, Rhyhorn x2, Parasect, Exeggutor, Golbat

$1.65 each
I have THREE of the red Master Ball.

55 cents each or FREE with a purchase

Weedle x2, Kakuna x2, Red Diglett x2 3, Purple Diglett, Geodude Bandai figure, incomplete Clear Mew FCS? Battle Museum? figure

Free with a purchase
Inserts x17


Note that the paint job on the face is derp.

I also completely overhauled my store. My best friend said it looked girly so after I rekt him, it's now much more shadowy and awesome, like it should have been from the start but I didn't have any ideas.
I'm also selling my duplicate Play by Play Gengar backpack there.

You can click the banner to go the store. Anything there can also be combined from these sales; just let me know so I can pull it out the store.

Bandai Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl Models - Darkrai

I accidentally my alarm clock and got outbid on this fricken amazing Darkrai figure that I've been wanting for a couple of months now. I SWEAR THIS ONE FRICKEN LOSER IS ALWAYS SNIPING MY DARKRAI CRAP. I WILL REK HIM, I SWEAR ON ME MUM. Rage aside, does anyone have it or know where I can find one? I'm looking for it to be MiP but I will consider one out of package as long as it's mint. Will pay around $13 shipped.
Yes, I know there's one that's part of a lot but I'm not looking to blow $35+fees on a single figure when the other ones won't sell well anyways. I'm also looking to avoid the one that's out of package as it doesn't show if it's scratched on the back or anything. Really like the box, too. >_>
Tags: arcanine, blaziken, clefairy, eevee, farfetch'd, gastly, gengar, haunter, jynx, kabutops, magmar, ninetales, ponyta, rapidash, slowbro, wigglytuff
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