0fabliau (0fabliau) wrote in pkmncollectors,

(SOLVED) Wants Post: Help me find this mug!!

UPDATE: Thanks to fueki I have a very affordable option in obtaining this mug! I am going for it! Thank you everybody for your help and comments!

Hello everybody! I still have yet to do an intro post, I'm saving that until all of my shipments come in :DRight now I need some help tracking something down!

I need help finding the Type Selection Changing Mug!(picture reference under the cut)

(i hope I did the cut correctly ^^;;)I found one on eBay but unfortunately it would be $80 with shipping :( I was hoping to find one under $40!I don't really even need the box but it would be a bonus!If anyone has a more affordable source or has one they would like to sell please leave a comment

Thanks everyone! !

Tags: gengar, meowstic
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