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Sales before moving house :D

Hey guys i have my last sales post before i move (which will end up in a update when my collection is set up). I have some figures, flats and plush for sale as i'm thinning my collection...collecting every legendary pokemon is hard and expensive haha. Please read the rules or i'll have to hug you to death ;)

I was granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo

Shop Rules:
- Paypal Only
- Everything will be shipped out within a couple of days!
- I ship internationally.
- All sales must be $3 or more.
- I ship from the UK!
- I will not sell to anyone banned on Pkmncollectors.
- I am interested in trading for a Whimsicott pokedoll and the 2008 banpresto heracross plush <3
- Please specify postage option you wish to take when talking to me.
- Haggling welcome :)

Old Feedback -
Newest Feedback -

 photo WP_20141030_005.jpg
Canvas Jirachi - $60
Canvas Victini - $40

 photo WP_20141030_002.jpg
Latias Pokedoll - $30
Latios Pokedoll - $30
Celebi Pokedoll - SOLD
Lugia Pokedoll - $25
Dialga Pokedoll - $25
Mew Pokedoll - $25

 photo WP_20141030_001.jpg
Sky Forme Pokedoll - $25
Normal Forme Pokedoll - $25
Jakks (left) Mystery Dungeon -$30
Jakks (Right) - $30
Skymin Head - $10
Shaking plush (U-Mate) - $30

 photo WP_20141030_004.jpg
Banpresto Lugia (But tag only) - $40
DX Pokedoll - $40
Banpresto Manaphy - $20

 photo WP_20141026_021.jpg
THe 4 at the back are electronic talking plush - $7 each
Big torchic (no butt or hang tag) - $3
Spiritomb Pokedoll - $15
Vanilite Pokedoll (with japanese nahg tag) - $20
Piplup Plush - $2
Piplup pencil case (which i used in school) - $1
Haloween Banpresto Piplup (missing pumpkin on hat) - $3
Oshawatt pokemon centre plush - $4
Substitute Pokedoll (bought in the first wave of the plush release) - Offers

 photo WP_20141026_029.jpg
Bunny Zukans (x2) - $2
Roserade Zukan - $2
Ampharos Zukan - £4
Eeveelution Zukan - $5
 photo WP_20141030_018.jpg
Gen 1 TOMY figures, $2 each but i'm open to offers
Charizard $3
Please note which line and name of pokemon too pretty please <3

 photo WP_20141026_027.jpg
More Tomy figures - $1 each

 photo WP_20141030_019.jpg
More TOMY's I think the left Gengar is a bootie as its clearer than the other 2 and the words TOMY are not in capitals like all the others, $1 each

 photo WP_20141030_020.jpg
Togepi Tomy - SOLD
The others are $0.50, i got them from sweets capsules in the UK, i think they are legit...-shrugs-

 photo WP_20141030_017.jpg
Tomy Misty - $4
Hasbro Misty, Ash and Brock $5 each

 photo WP_20141030_016.jpg
TOMY Scyther - $6
Jakks Mewtwo (battery needs changing i believe) - $4

 photo WP_20141026_024.jpg
Kids figures - $2 each
Glow in the dark Minun Kid - $4

 photo WP_20141026_025.jpg
Jakks - $2 each

 photo WP_20141030_014.jpg
Jakks Figures $4 each
Metagross - $6

 photo WP_20141030_015.jpg
Roserade, Roselia and Electivire Kids figures - $2 each
Ivysaur Tomy - $2
Mamoswine Zukan - $15 (Thanks for the info)
$0.50 for the little Cranidos

 photo WP_20141026_035.jpg
Bandai Torterra and Infernape - $5 each (quite heavy so might bump up postage a bit)
Big Puzzle ball (with stand and all pieces there) -$3

 photo WP_20141026_032.jpg
$1 each

 photo WP_20141026_031.jpg
More sweets figures, so potentially not legit? - $0.50 each
Blastoise water pistol (i never got it to work) - $1

 photo WP_20141026_030.jpg
$1 each
Gengar ball - $2 (has some scuffs and battery pretty much dead but the scuffs will come off i believe)
Talking Meowth (Japanese talking) - $2

 photo WP_20141026_028.jpg
Ball butt figures (made by OddzOn Inc apparently according to their butts) - $1 each (there are actually 3 blastoise, forgot to put one in the pic)

 photo WP_20141026_017.jpg
Monkey ball (not so super) - $2

 photo WP_20141026_037.jpg
Pokemon Guess who (so exciting to play!) - SOLD
VHS - $1
Penguin puzzle ball (It i inside the box, i swear!) - $2

 photo WP_20141026_022.jpg
Pokemon...erm....destroy the castle game? yeh lets go with that...never opened - $10
2nd Large pokemon puzzle ball (no stand but all pieces) - $2
Squirtle pencil holder - $2
Big piplup pokemon center plush - $10

 photo WP_20141026_020.jpg
Colouring book - $3
Deck Boxes - $1 each
Holographic puzzle (all pieces) - $2
Quiz book (not written in) - $1

 photo WP_20141026_019.jpg
All $3 each

 photo WP_20141026_018.jpg
4 pocket card holders - $5 each
9 Pocket card holders - $8 Each

 photo WP_20141026_016.jpg
Mewtwo ROM - $1
Coins - $1 each
Gold plated Charizard (in case) - $5
Gold plated Togepi (in case) - $4
Other two - $3

 photo WP_20141030_021.jpg
Lots of pogs - Offers on each, or can buy the lot if you want, there's quite a few of them...

 photo WP_20141030_013.jpg
Paper game mats, there's 28 of them so if you are looking for a particular one let me know (dont have any XY and newer ones)

 photo WP_20141030_012.jpg
 photo WP_20141030_011.jpg
 photo WP_20141030_010.jpg
 photo WP_20141030_009.jpg
 photo WP_20141030_008.jpg
 photo WP_20141030_007.jpg
Opened Card packets - $0.25 each

 photo WP_20141026_034.jpg
Metal Dog tags and a badge - $1 each

 photo WP_20141026_033.jpg
Hoographic pogs (evolutions) - $0.50 each
Ledian bottom right isn't holographic - $0.25

I also have some legendary pokemon figures that i might want rid of, if you know of any figures you want i can take a look and post the pictures in a comment. The pokemon i'm willing to get rid of are the same as the plush above, so like latios and latias etc <3

Thanks for having a look, ask any questions below and i'll get back to you beautiful people asap :D <3 <3 <3
Tags: canvas, plush, pokedolls, sales
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