Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Princess ♔

Noppin Question

I hope its fine to ask this here !

Okay so I have some things coming in from Noppin and my 60 day limit is almost up on 2 items. I would have had it shipped out sooner but another thing I won took like 8 days to arrive to the warehouse and that delayed things.

Anyway, I hit another small snafu where my family and I will be gone for a couple days and there's absolutely no way for us to change the date on that.

Noppin is still inspecting and packaging my items but when they're ready I was planning on delaying when they ship out my package ((If I don't then they package will arrive when we're not home and I do not want that to happen.)) But the 60 days will be up then. My question is, I know they charge you I think like 300 yen per extra day which isn't a big deal to me but how do they bill you this? Is it on the shipping charge or what?

Thanks you guys !
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