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Intro to the Community!

Hello Community,

It's actually been a while since I touched Pokemon again. I still remember when Pokemon first emerged, and I was so obsessed with the first 151 Pokemon!! Then things slowed down until I met my girlfriend! She's is more enthusiastic about Pokemon than I thought, luckily with my minimal knowledge of Pokemon, I am still able to answer 10% of her Pokemon questions! Sometimes we are all busy, but hopefully she will understand that I am a noob sometimes too. :p

I am new to collecting to any Pokemon items once again, so I got nothing too fancy, but I love to participate in trading and sharing all these Pokemon items and on and off topics with the entire community? Haha!

For now, I guess I will just share a little of something I made for my girlfriend :)

[Spoiler (click to open)]DSC_4368

Lastly, Happy Halloween!
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