Prnzs (prnzs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Nov. 1st Pokecen Pick-up Reminder :D

Hey guys! Just a mini reminder that I'll be heading on over to the Pokemon Center tomorrow for the 2014 Christmas merch, ORAS Pokemon Petit Figure straps/Stationary line, as well the ORAS Pokecen plush/Petit mascots released last week. Little Tales merch is still available for those still looking, as well as Pikachu OOPS! and Spooky Party. I also have pre-orders up for the New Years merchandise and the Kirlia, Gulpin, Sableye Pokecen plush being released on Nov. 8th ☆ミ

There's a little less than a day left before the payment deadline so anyone interested in having something picked up feel free to claim a slot as long as you can have payment in on time~

Payment deadline is October 31st , 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST

Head on over to the pick up page by clicking here or clicking the banner blow to be transported!

Thanks for looking and have a happy halloween!
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