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Anniversary post + massive collection update!

Hey, everyone. I'm here with an insanely belated anniversary/re-intro post—as of sometime in August, I've been collecting with you all for three years! Time sure flies, eh?

Heads up, there are a bunch of photos under the cut. Prepare yourself!

For those of you who I've not met, my name is Sam. I've been into Pokemon—particularly the video games!—for as long as I can remember. I play mostly to collect stuff... competitive breeds, captures, RNGs, and anything in nifty balls. If you're like me and want to swap Pokemon, just give me a holler haha :v

Closeups available over here.

MY DACTYLS. These guys are my main collection. It looks the same as last year, for the most part haha. Other than a few M-Aerodactyl items, he hasn't really gotten much new. Not that my wallet's complaining!

Aerodactyl's only official plush is from Burger King—cute, yet just not satisfying enough. Here are a few custom plush to help fill the void. I have a bunch of others not pictured, too—check my Aerodactyl page for all photos. (Or just check the link below!)

I don't have an updated shot of all my non-Aerodactyl customs right now, but you can check this page to see individual photos. Someday I'll get them all together... someday OTL

It's been a while since I've commissioned an Aerodactyl plush. Here's the most recent one! This adorable, expressive Dactyl was made by Rachel (ThunderPlushies on Etsy).
Actually, all three of these plush were made by her! Her work is absolutely gorgeous, and she's even better to work with. She's currently working on another plush for me, too... hint: blue dragon :>

Closeups available over here.

Moving along, Charizard is another collection of mine. Unlike Aerodactyl, he's gotten tons of stuff lately, most of which I'm missing... my wallet can't handle it /sobs

Got this big HEFTY HEFTY fellow a while back! See the Charizard Pokedoll for size reference—this guy is massive. It's the biggest version of the Play-by-Play plush.
He didn't look like this when I bought him. Nope. Thank you to Channing (sewgoods) for restoring him to full glory! Before, after, and progress photos of her work are available right here. (It's a very... interesting process lol)

Oh yes +_+ These Charizard items arrived recently, all in the same package. The 2013 Pokemon Center plush is actually amazing quality, even with the rough velboa material. (They are also a pain to find!)
The binder and notepad feature very dynamic and fluid artwork, along with cameos of Metagross and Salamence, two other favorites of mine. SO COOL, MAN.

Do you see the little keychain in the middle...?

This thing. Such a unique model, yet such an elusive figure. I absolutely love this keychain and am seriously so grateful to own one.

Gigantic thank-you to kongorn for helping me obtain these glorious Charizard items! You, sir, are awesome on all levels. ;_;7

Huhuhu. Another new arrival—inflatable Charizard. He looks silly and I think that's hilarious.

My Charizard Pokedoll from showed up the other day, too. The old 2010 version is on the left, the new 2014 version on the right. Not really fond of this new version and its lumpy, protruding snout. Hrmmph.
If you're interested, I took a couple comparison shots. Here is a side view of the old version, here is a side view of the new version.

To be honest, I can't remember exactly how I came to love Metagross, but the feeling sure stuck. It has a decent amount of merch, thanks to the cameo in the Deoxys movie. More merch when ORAS releases, hopefully? Yes please.

Look... it's a Metagross made from metal. What a crazy idea, huh?? I've had the little guy for a while now but never actually posted about him. The detailing is stunning—from the "cracks" to the spikes, it's super impressive!

Thank you again to all participants in that GA, and to xxlatiosxx for being the lovely person who found the lot. I love you all ;~;/

Ah, Salamence, my sweet dragon! I've not gotten much for him over the past year, but with the release of ORAS, maybe he'll get lucky. Speaking of ORAS-related merch...

These wicked guys just flew in from Hobby-Japan. Although I don't collect him, I do really like Latios. The mouth placement almost looks too low for me, but at least the colors are pretty.

And of course, I couldn't resist getting a pair of Salamence. Look at them. Bros for life. One of them looks a little goofy—I think it's all in the "eyebrows," lol. The colors on this plush are fantastic. Very vibrant and deep.
The tails are slightly different, too. One has a tail that curves up, while the other's tail just curls around the body.

I definitely want to snag another one later. Perhaps when releases its own version.

The only "complete" collection of mine—Armaldo! As far as I know, I have every figure of Armaldo. Such a fun Pokemon.
Like my other Hoenn favorites, I hope for new ORAS merch... but Armaldo isn't really that popular OTL

Such a lovely shade of blue, no? The Totodile line hasn't gotten much attention from me lately, oops. Got to recover from Charizard spending first.

Hydreigon isn't much of an active collection anymore, but here they are. I still haven't purchased the DX Hydreigon kid. I should probably get to that before they disappear. Hahaa

I no longer collect Noibat/Noivern, but I wanted to mention this little Noibat from FollyLolly. Super adorable and soft! I'd hoped it would look like a "set" alongside the Noivern I got from Channing—I'd say they look perfect together 'v'

Completely unrelated to any of my collections, I bought this BIG Weavile Pokedoll a while back. See the normal Weavile Pokedoll for size reference. I've always liked Weavile's Pokedoll design. Totally unexpected but pleasant get!

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for dealing with my rambling! I seriously do appreciate it. Mental high five for you! x)
To finish the post off, here are some random photos of random merch.

I have too much non-collection stuff lying around gosh

Click on the above banner or this text to visit my collection site.
You can find my wants list there, too.

Thanks for the amazing three years, everybody! Here's to another one. May your Halloween be filled with lots of candy... don't eat it all at once +u+/
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