yellow_fr3ak (yellow_fr3ak) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Winners of the Halloween Contest!!

drumroll please...

In 3rd place we have slowpoketales with their entry

Bubbling Up Trouble with 'Karp!

In 2nd place, Scarity with their entry

Eevee and Fennekin used mean look! It's not very effective...

and in first is solishark with

The Grim Bulba

Congratulations everyone!!! The entries were all fantastic and so many deserve prizes in my eyes (but I would be broke if I did that XD)
and if you were wondeing how voting went, I had the 3 judges pick 10 entries they wanted to "move onto the next round". From those 10 entries everyone picked, only 3 matched up across the board. From there it was majority rule  for places ^^

See all the entries here:

I will be contacting theh winners after today about their prizes, so keep those inboxes open!

and have a happy Halloween!

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