Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Happy Halloween! Gets and moar sales!

Happy Halloween! For Halloween I got a package from FJ! I didn't have time to take pictures of everything but here's a peak:

Pika inside pumpkin is not new but here for the holiday. =) I got the big Tomy Mew wow is this thing bigger than I thought.

and also... DX Tomy Lapras! Which I found for a great price on amazon japan!

I also got the Lapras kutakuta on Y!J, so tiny and cute<3

Thanks for looking!

Seriously updated sales! I added a TON of new stickers from the 2nd Battle Trozei set, and a bunch of the extra items I got from FJ as well as a bunch of things I am weeding from my collection including a DX banpresto Charizard plush. Lots of kuji figures and things too. I slashed all prices on items that were previously for sale already and I'm doing a discount on shipping for orders priced at $40 or more for this weekend:

I posted this right before going out for the night, so I may not be able to respond until tomorrow!<3<3 Have a great night friends!
Tags: charizard, eevee, entei, espeon, flareon, gets, lapras, lucario, meowth, mew, mewtwo, raikou, sales, umbreon
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