trainer_rachel (trainer_rachel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Key stone/Mega stone bracelet questions :)

Hello fellow trainers! :) Happy Halloween!

I'm so pumped up that my favorite Pokemon is getting a mega evolution in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (Pidgeot) so I'm wanting to get some kind of a Mega Ring. :) I know there's that electronic one, but it's kind of bulky so I'm not really interested in it right now. The only other official merch I know of is a silver ring, but it's going for $50, much more than I'm wanting to spend.

So I'm considering getting this rubber wrist band since it's pretty cheap and it matches my original Trainer's outfit (her keystone is on her wristband). Just first wanted to see if anyone else here has one and what they think of it. :) Also, is the keystone completely flat like the rest of the band, or is it raised up at all?

Thanks guys! :)
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