theblackvixen (theblackvixen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

want plus collection update :3

I recently just scooped up a standing 2012 PC vaporeon :3! I love him so much ;3; His name is Aquais and he will get a little bandanna like solare (my charizard) soon! <3

Alrighty, first the want! I've been looking for this little girl to add to my "team" collection for some time now. I really love her to bits, and I'm looking for her for a reasonable price (some ebay bids have her for like, over $100.00 USD ;n;)
Pics by yellowmudkip!

And collection update! :D

Back to front:

Spookers: banpresto dekkai pumpkaboo plush
- Spookers have been modified lightly, her vine at the top of her head has been stuffed lightly with polyfill, as it was flat and didn't look too grand. it's very bouncy now and very cute! ^^

Boots: bootlegged vaporeon plush

Aquais: "I love eevee" series vaporeon pokemon center plush

Solare: 2013 charizard pokemon center plush

Lil' boo: "spooky party" pumpkaboo pokemon center campaign key chain plush

Baby Magmus: TOMY sitting fennekin plush
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