suzanneespeon (suzanneespeon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone interested in buying a lot?

I have 96 leftover Tomy figures from my sales that I'd like to sell in a lot. I know Ebay would probably be a be a better place for selling a lot, but I've never used it before and I've read that it's pretty much impossible to sell something expansive if you have no feedback. So I thought that maybe on the community would be interested. Take a look:

It includes 96 figures + James. Some of the figures are uncommon or rare, like Nidoqueen. Most of the figures are in good condition, but some of them are damaged. Shaymin is clear with sparkles and Torterra and Empoleon are pearly figures. You can ask for more pictures or details, if you are interested.

I ask $275 including paypal fees and shipping to anywhere in the world. I am also open to any offers.

I received sales permission in 2013 from entirelycliched.
My feedback can be found here:

Figures will be carefully shipped in a box. Shipping does not include tracking, but let me know if you want it.

Tags: sales
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