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Up for trades anyone?! XD

I 've been thinking for a while if I should post this, since there are some things that I really want but I can't rememeber seeing in any sales post or elswhere (mostly I'm looking for squirtle, bulbasaur, raichu merch and some cards, zukan ....there's a lot  ^^" )

There are many things that I want and I'm willing to trade for it or buy it, or, if someone wants I can draw them something (links on my journal and on my webpage)  >: D
For most of these items I'm ready to pay a good deal or trade a lot for them!
If we trade something: I'll send the merch the next day but note that it may take some time to come from Slovenia, we have a crappy post office system -_-"

Let's start with what I have up for trades!  (we're still uploading some of them)

The link to my webpage! On it there are all the poke items I have, they're up for trade if stated so but if you have something I want and aren't shure if I'm ready to trade the item you want  just ask, I don't bite ^^ Oh, and if you don't have any of the things I want and you would still like an item of mine we can trade it for something else but don't be mad if I may not be interested in what you have. Don't think this will be a problem though, since I normaly snag everything that looks collectible to me!
There are also some cards that I have but aren't on the page yet so ask me if you don't see some that you want, maybe I have them! Here are some of the ones that aren't on the page yet !
I have the reverse holos of Delcatty and Buneary. Thise are only a little part of the cards, I also have Togepi, togetic, whole machop line, delta spicies, eeveevoluions , dratini evo. line, Latios,  some trainer cards with poke pictures ....           and of course some figures too ^^
A lot of our cards are a bit older but we do have some new ones. We only offer the mint or near mint ones.

Now for  the ones I want! XD
I want every squirtle, bulbasaur card that I can get, especialy if they're japanese, then I would even take ones that I already have ^^"
There are also some zukan, merch, kids that I'm looking for, so to speak, basically anything! ^^"

I'm interested in  every Bulba/Squirtle/Raichu/shinx/good looking trainer/luxray/luxio/electivire items that I don't already have!   

These are the non bulba/squirt  cards that I'm looking for:

The first two are from the Lucario half deck and the last one form the Manaphy one! =have it! XD

That's it for now! ^^
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