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Wants List~! A Quest to Find More Stuffies!

Here's an Update to my wants list! :D Oh, also, I got a couple new Pokemon items, so I will have to take a picture when I find them :) (One is a poor little Deoxys Pokedoll with one leg!)

Kasara Wolf's WANT LIST

I had to create myself a list of items I would like to add to my collection XD If you have any of these items and would like to sell or trade something for it, PLEASE message me! (Please note, I am kind of a thrifty buyer, so I tend to not like to spend too much for an item if I can find it cheaper elsewhere ^^; )

Pokemon Items

Any figures or plushies of these Pokemon here I would most likely be interested in getting!


-Vinyl Entei DX Figure
-Vinyl Eevee DX Figure
-Electronic Talking Mew Figure

Mostly looking for Pokemon figures that are before Generation 4. The older, the better!

Plush (Don't need tags and can be in any condition)

-Any Entei Plush
-Any Lucario Plush
-Any Eeveelution Plush (Love Jolteon!)
-Banpresto Staraptor Plush
-Banpresto Buizel Plush
-1:1 Totodile Plush (GRAIL)
-Any Totodile Plush
-Banpresto Absol Plush
-I <3 Gothic Absol Plush
-Buizel Pokedoll
-Entei Pokedoll
-Banpresto DX Floatzel, Buizel, Staraptor, Lucario.
-Tomy Buizel Plush
-Wimsicott Pokedoll
-Banpresto Reshiram Plush (or Pokedoll)
-Blitzle Pokedoll
-Woobat Pokedoll
-I Love Pikachu Plush (Large, looking for other Pokemon in this series as well)
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