Chloebabes~ (shychloe) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A little surprise

I saw someone on facebook selling a lot of pokemon toys including some really nice vintage plushies for £5 which is about $8. I was just about to commit to buy but my friend bought them first. Some nice items on there, but I only really wanted the jigglypuff keychain and would have given the others away to some other friends. My friend, Becky had recently injured her leg so she was on crutches and unable to work for some time which made her feel really depressed.

Becky like me loves the ace attorney series so I let her borrow all of my ace attorney manga books including 3 doujins. She returned the books last night and I also got a really nice surprise...

And some other new gets as well. ^_^

Shiny Oshawott plushie from areica96.
Clefable Tomy and BK Togepi are from a GA Hosted by herar. Also had a lot of nice stickers as well that I put in one of my books and some on my tablet.
Bellossom and Liligant are from pandaeatworld. Always wanted to own these two cards.

Thanks for checking my stuff out. I've also purchased a bellossom keychain from skdarkdragon, so I'll post a picture when it comes. ^_^
Tags: bellossom, clefable, collection, collection update, jigglypuff, oshawott, togepi
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