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Collection Weeding & 90s Pokemon Sale

Sale Banner
Hi everyone. I've decided to weed out some of my side collections (and a few figures from my main collection) to make room for some new merch including the wonderful incoming Lati merch! This sales post also includes some of my old toys from the 90s which you'll see towards the end of the post. Please click the banner to be redirected to my permanent sales post!
General Info
- I was granted sales permission on December 1, 2013 by entirelycliched.
- You can find my new feedback here and my old feedback here.
- I will leave feedback once you have notified me that your package has arrived safely. I would greatly appreciate it if you returned the favor. C:
- Items come from a smoke-free home, but keep in mind that I own two dogs. I can't guarantee that their hair won't touch my collection, so if you have any allergies, it would probably be best not to buy from me.

Payment & Shipping Details
- Minimum purchase: $3
- I will only accept payment through Paypal.

- Please send money as a payment NOT as a gift. Include your username and items you purchased in the memo.
- I ship only within the US (for now).
- Listed prices DO NOT include shipping and other fees. Please ask for a quote if you want to know the total price.
- I've noted some marks on my figures, but that doesn't mean the others are clean (unless noted). Please ask for more pictures if you're concerned about the condition of any of the merchandise.
- I ship at least once a week on Fridays & Saturdays. I will always notify you when I ship out your package, so I would appreciate it if you let me know when your packages have arrived safely.
- Please do not delete or edit your posts. If you need to add something, reply to your original post.
- You will have 24 hours to pay for the item(s). If I receive no payment or response within that time frame, the next person in line may claim the item(s).
- If you have committed to an item, you may request for more time so long as you let me know when you will be able to pay, and I will hold the item for you.
- Asking for a shipping quote is NOT committing to an item.
- Once you have committed to an item, you must follow through with your purchase or I will leave negative feedback. If you MUST withdraw your purchase due to an emergency, contact me and we'll work something out.
- I am no longer responsible for the item once it's shipped. Please purchase insurance if you're concerned about losing your package in the mail.
- I will not be conducting sales via PMs.
Tags: ampharos, arcanine, articuno, blastoise, bulbasaur, caterpie, chansey, charizard, charmander, clefairy, diglett, dragonite, eevee, elekid, entei, fearow, fennekin, gengar, grovyle, growlithe, haunter, hitmontop, horsea, houndour, kingler, lapras, latias, latios, ledyba, lucario, lugia, meowth, mewtwo, moltres, murkrow, nidoking, paras, phanpy, pidgeot, pidgeotto, pikachu, pineco, plusle, poliwhirl, psyduck, pupitar, rapidash, sales, shiftry, smeargle, snivy, squirtle, stantler, sylveon, togepi, torchic, totodile, umbreon, vaporeon, wigglytuff, wobbuffet, xerneas, yveltal, zangoose
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