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Stephy Sanrio

Question about Tomys & some tcg sales

I noticed that on my voltorb and a voltorb i sold to someone the figure itself had some lines on it, they look like scratches / hair lines? Im not sure yet this were brand new sealed... is this normal?

I am thinking since they were mass produce that its just a factory defect type of thing? I just saw it on some of the used figures too....


Any help would be appreciated xD

Now to the sales! I can ship today :)

-Sales permission granted by: Rachel (entirelycliched) on Sept 19, 2014
- You can check my feedback:
-All community rules apply.
- No banned members.
- Prices do not include shipping/Paypal fees.
-I ship from Miami, FL, 33013.
- Shipping prices start at $2.50 for US orders. For international prices start at $5.00.
- All items come with free tracking unless stated otherwise.
- If buying tcg cards I can send on an envelope however it won't have tracking.
- I ship orders every day except on the weekends or holidays.
- I am not responsible for any lost packages.
- Haggling is okay but be reasonable.
- Let me know who you are and what you bought when you send payment (under notes)

TCG (can trade for my wants:

Prices Below.

Some include shipping but if you want tracking add $1.50

Terakkion SR $15
Black Kyurem $6
White Kyurem $6
Registeel $6
Landorus $30
Zekrom $6
Xerosic reverse $2

M Heracross $10 - M Lucario $18 - Shiny M Gengar $15 - M Gengar $15 - M Manectric $20 - Charizard x $35 - Char Y $20
Lucario EX $12

Dialga ex $10
Dittochu Phantom Gate promo $8
Jamming Net Flare $5
Seismitoad FA $20
Fossil Researcher $6
Gengar Spirit Link $3
Rare holos / reverse $2-3 - commons $1.50

Trainer Cards:

Holos from various sets (furious fists, next destinies, dragons exalted, dragons vault, boundaries crossed, plasma freeze, plasma blast, phantom forces)

For more stuff (tomys, kids, etc) check out my ->
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