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Hi! I got introduced to the community a little while ago and I finally got approved to join a few days ago.

I'm at college in Boston right now, so my collection of Pokemon plushies are a little pitiful, but here it is:


Advanced Generation Hasbro Mudkip (it's been with me since Ruby and Sapphire!), I LOVE EEVEE Super DX Leafeon (boyfriend's birthday present for me!) and large-size Substitute (I found this guy at a local shop in Boston for 32 bucks, so I snagged him).

I'm really into collecting plushies, but I am interested in little keychains and such too.

My wants list is pretty short right now. Right now it's as follows:

2009 Raikou PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Suicune PokeCen Pokedoll
2009 Entei PokeCen Pokedoll

(I have been wanting these three since forever. I'm super interested in buying them as a set.)

2014 Mudkip Life-Size PokeCen Pokedoll (THIS ONE IS COMING IN THE MAIL YAY)
2014 Kyogre Pokedoll PokeCen (I'm probably holding off on this one until it gets released in the US Pokemon Center)
2014 Latias Pokedoll PokeCen (ditto)
I LOVE EEVEE HQ Eevee (trying to find a decent price on this one; I might get two as I have a little sister that loves Eevee)

That's all for now! The life-size Mudkip should be arriving sometime later today or next week. I'll post pictures when it arrives. :)
Tags: eevee, entei, kyogre, latias, mudkip, raikou, suicune, wants
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