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Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

Hey guys, I hope you're all keeping warm as the temperature drops! I'm here to show off some neat stuff, and tell you about bonding with family over Pokemon!

But first! A fellow staff member of the convention I worked with this past year was going to Japan! She asked other staff if there was any Japanese merchandise we'd like her to pick up, to be used as prizes for contests and tournaments at next year's convention. She even said she'd go to a Pokemon Center! It was so nice of her! So I made a list of a variety of Pokemon merch - most of it wasn't too specific, like "a DS cover" or "a notebook," but I did want one specific spooky plush. Here's what she brought back!

Japan gets 2014 photo Japangets_zpsccf665a7.jpeg
Ahhhh so awesome! I still can't believe how sweet she was in doing this! <3
As you can probably guess, I specifically asked for the white Mega Gengar plush, and he is just so cool! She also brought back a Goomy PokeCen plush, Primal Groudon and Kyogre DS cover, Fennekin Pokemon Petit notebook, Mega Gengar card sleeves, and Hoenn starter 3DS game case!

Unfortunately, it looks like I may not be working with this convention again next year, so I'm not sure what will happen to this stuff - technically it's mine for now. I may see about selling some of it to the convention to recoup my losses, but some of it I definitely want to hang onto, like white Mega Gengar! If I didn't have a 3DS XL I would totally keep the case too, haha.

I have a confession to make. And that confession is...

 photo PokeCenBags_zps133d269a.jpg
I collect plastics bags. I've never been to a Pokemon Center myself, but I have kept every one that has been given to me. I just find them so neat! The red one is the newest one from the above purchase, and it's definitely my favourite! Plus it's huge!

Other gets!
Manga photo Mangas_zps1afc8721.jpeg
A big book store in my city was closing, and they were having a huge sale. Natrally, I took this opportunity to snag these babies! I haven't really read much of the manga so this will be pretty neat. :>

I also got an amazing sculpture from j_dengan, but unfortunately it got damaged during shipping, so I have to get some glue and a steady pair of hands to repair it. Then I'll show it off here! :>

Now for the family stuff. :)

My cousins were in from the US, ages 15-9, and they're really into Pokemon! Knowing I was a big fan, one of them brought his entire Pokemon card collection, and we did some trading! I haven't traded Pokemon cards in years, so I felt like a kid again. XD And this kid knew his stuff - he was very careful about making fair trades! He was especially fascinated by my older cards, like Ancient Mew and the Magma and Aqua cards, so I traded some of those to him. When he saw all my Pokemon figures and plush he decided he wanted to trade his figures for some of those next time we saw each other. XD
From Ethan photo Ethancards_zps270efeb1.jpeg
Dat Espurr! <3 You can never have enough fire pups or Eeveelutions, haha.

Bonus photo: my in-game gets!
Pokemon downloads photo RP35FJO_zpsd9811346.jpg
White Mega Gengar is watching! I got my shiny Gengar and Diancie codes this month! The extra Gengar is for my friend in the military. I also missed out on my Pinsirite code, so I contacted Pokemon Support and they sent me one! <3

I've also updates my Sales Post, so come take a look! (Man, I need a banner or something!)

Thanks for reading!

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