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Plush Group Auction?

xD I've never done a group auction before, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

ATTENTION: The auction's gone up quite a bit, so unless we get a few more people bidding, we're probably not going to get them. ^^; Like I said, they've gone up to about $3.50-4.00 each as of right now, so if you're willing to pay a bit more for yours [$5 or so], lemme know, and our odds of winning will go up drastically, as I'm planning on sniping it if I can. :3 The auction ends on the 18th, so get your bids in!

Between Kai and myself we've already got quite a few of them claimed, but it there's still a lot left. :3 As of right now, the cost would come out to about $2.50 a plush, but it's still got about five days left. I'll stop bidding if it goes higher than about $4 a plush, unless someone wants to pay more or less for theirs. Just lemme know! :3

They all look to be Hasbro and Jakks, but there might be some different ones mixed in, I can't tell.

Poochyena - Kai
Grovyle - Kai
Treeko - Kai
Mudkip - Kai
Bulbasaur - Kai
Duskull - Heenz
Pikachu 1 - Heenz
Minun - Heenz
Mewtwo -
Corphish -
Plusle -
Poliwrath -
Chatot -
Cyndaquil - iridescentfox
Sabeleye - amirrorstwin
Spheal - alvagc122
Azurill - chibichimp
Pachirisu -
Manaphy -
Torchic - kiohl
Pikachu 2 - Heenz
Squirtle - Kai
Charmander - alvagc122
Taillow -
Buizel -
Spinda - jaebird
Croagunk -
Butterfree -

Shipping would be about $3 for one or two plush in a bubble mailer, a bit more if you get more plush than that. Payment's due within three days of the auction's end. :3 I can only take PayPal, sorry.
Tags: plush
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