Sunisea (portalcat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Wild Sunny Appeared!

Bet no-one's ever made that joke before, ha...

Hello hello! My name is Sunny, and I was officially accepted into the community a month or so ago. I held off posting at first though, because I gave my savings to my friend so he could buy a refurbished 3DS and a copy of Pokemon X. He's never owned one and he's super poor. However, since I'm here to primarily BUY things, I figured I would wait until I'd gotten together some more savings first and therefore not be tempted by all of the amazing things here without the funds to do anything about it!

I wrote a big long blabbery thing about myself, too! It's under the cut. All you really need to know is that I'm 23, female, British, currently living in America, and if I were a Pokemon I'd be a shiny Meowth.

Where to begin? Well, at the start, I guess: my first game was Pokemon Yellow, but my real journey began with Sapphire. I skipped the second generation, but I've made up for lost time since. Hoenn is my homeland, although with the release of X and Y I have fallen deeply in love with Kalos too. Speaking of love stories, I joined a Pokemon Wi-Fi Guild on GaiaOnline over four years ago and became a prominent member and moderator. That was where I met an absolute dork who seemed absolutely hopeless (and had a terrible moustache). He lived in America, I in Britain. It was a dead horse if ever you saw one.

After endless visits, late nights on Skype and the loss of three jobs, we finally married on the 1st of August 2014. My green card is pending, but in the meantime we go out to buy Pokemon cards together every Friday and kiss each other goodnight before bed. We had to buy awful cheap rings for the time being, but when we renew our vows someday, our rings will be Pokeball-themed. Everything is wonderful -- and the moustache is gone, thank god.

I take a lot of pride in my card collection, despite only starting last year. I have decks, but unfortunately they aren't entirely current and therefore not tournament-worthy even if they are perfectly acceptable for casual play. However, there are also no casual players where we live, so I am reduced to occasionally kicking my boyfriend's ass with my insanely cruel Psychic deck.

As for the games themselves, I guess I'd better brag or something? Brace yourself: I found every Pokemon in Pokemon Snap. Yeah. Hardcore.

Even though nothing can top that lofty achievement, I do have over 700+ hours on my X Version. I also completed the Pokedex and have the Shiny Charm, with a little help from a fantastic friend of mine. Most of the time when playing, I'm breeding and collecting/giving out high-IV Pokemon in Wonder Trade, or casually shiny hunting in the Friend Safari if I get bored.

"Is that really all you do with your life?!" I hear you cry. Nope! I am an artist. I'm independent and self-taught, although I do semi-regular commissions for an avatar forum and I am always open to regular commissions too. Naturally, 95% of everything I draw is Pokemon. You can find me on my incredibly neglected deviantart under the same name. Tell your friends!

As for becoming a member of this clan, whelp... I want to collect! The items I purchase, I intend to treasure and keep forever until someone digs up my casket and pries them from my cold, dead hands. I'm particularly interested in figurines and plushies; I always scour the local Toys 'R' Us, and they always make sure to disappoint me with their $20 pose-able Zekroms and endless malformed Pikachu squash-lumps. Maybe in the distant future, I'll upgrade to selling status with paintings and my big collection of spare cards, but we shall have to see.

I'm sorry for writing so much. I tend to get a little carried away, as is obvious -- and ESPECIALLY when it comes to Pokemon. Anywho, I hope I can meet some good friends and get some awesome new toys!
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