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Finally Got Shelves (Again...): A Collections Post/ Update

Hello community! Hope you are all doing well!

After my big move about 4 1/2 months ago, my fiance and I finally got time to reorganize our bedroom and he got me shelves so I could put my Pokemon collection up and make it more home-y for me. I had to leave my wooden shelves back at my folks home in Virginia because of space issues, so he got me smaller plastic shelves for the time being until we move into a bigger place. So enough back story and onto my current collections!

(I apologize for blurred images. I took them on my phone and my hands tend to be very shaky. :/ )


Here they are! All together and settled into their new home from out of their boxes/ temporary place in front of the TV.


I'll start with my main collection: Lugia! Here is all the plushies I have so far of him. New additions include the fuzzy plush, the 2009 flying plush, and the Japanese release of the Paki-Paki plush.


Lugia figures, charms, misc items. New additions include the large electronic figure, various charms, McDonald's toy, movie screenshot, and a custom charm by tdotakichan.


My next big main collection is Lapras! Here is all I have of her so far, including new figures and her large plush from the Pokemon Type! campaign (she actually was bought back in July, but the seller sent her to my folks home in Virginia and not to my residents in Connecticut. ><; I finally got her a few weeks ago after visiting Virginia due to a memorial service I was attending to that weekend in South Carolina).


Another major collection: Goomy line + minor collections that I am focusing on when I can: Milotic, Lanturn, Togekiss, and Latias. I'm so happy to see the Goomy line getting more merchandise and I know this shelf will grow with more purple nudi-dragons. :D Hoping to see more Milotic and Latias merchandise with the release of OR/AS coming up and I have some more Latias plush coming in!


My small Eeveelution + lions collections. I guess everyone has to have an Eeveelution collection of some kind, right? :3 Vaporeon is my favorite of the Eeveelutions and Sylveon is just adorable with her bows. <3


*insert the trumpets* My little Hoenn-hype collection. I also tried to make a posing scene in the corner with Rayquaza "yelling" at the Pokedolls of Kyogre and Groudon to knock it off. ^^;


The bottom shelf holds various Pokedoll plushies I got over the years as well as plushies that friends gave me on various occasions. Also have a few Kaiyodi/ kid/ Tomy figures displayed there as well.


A Lugia clear file that will begin my collecting for clear files. I love how beautiful and shiny it is! Released back from the days of HG/SS, I believe.


Misc. flats that I got, including Pokemon Time-style bookmarks made by agui_chan, a Mega Blaziken magnet, a Japanese Lapras card as a freebie, and a Pokemon Time Blaziken bookmark.

Thank you all for viewing! Have a lovely weekend!
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