jennvin (jennvin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small little get!

I participated in prnzs's Nov. 1st pickup and received it yesterday on the 7th! I was super amazed at the fast shipping since they gave it to the post office on the 2nd, yet shipped out the the 4th. Super fast air mail either way! I got the Hoenn Starters Petit Croquis sketchbook, mainly because I wanted to draw all my new hoenn pokemon adventures in one little note book.


It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be and the paper isn't brown like I thought for some reason. The paper is a lot like moleskine paper or like thinner and finer printer paper but it has a lot of paper packed into it. It's also spiral bound! Though it wasn't up to my expectations, it's still adorable and makes me really excited for the new games.

I plan on drawing everyday in the little book and hopefully in color! (I don't have my prismacolors with me at the moment sadly so here's just an inked title page)

Tags: gets, mudkip, torchic, treecko
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