renafan2004 (renafan2004) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First sales post!

Hi everyone! I'm posting my first ever sales post here on PKMNCollectors! I'll do my very best to be a fair and just seller...for great justice!(lol) I only have one item up for sale at the moment but it's a rare item and I hope some of you will take a gander.^_^ See Sales Rule in the Le Cut!

-Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on November 6th, 2014.

-You can see my feedback here:

-Shipping is free to anywhere in the world. So the price I post will be what you pay. I will ship next day (or two if it's a Saturday as the post office is closed on Sundays here in the US!)

-I ship from Farmington, New Hampshire within the United States.

-I only accept Paypal. Payment is expected within 3 days time or what we agree upon once you commit to the item.

-I am accepting trades. See my wants list!

-I live in a smoke free environment.

1:1 Tohoku Victini-SOLD! After loving Generation 5 for so long, I've decided to move on and I'm selling my precious Victini. It's in great condition in a slightly loved condition. There's no marks or stains and the tag is still intact. If you want more pictures, I can get them to you. Just PM me.

My wants list:(No le cut)
-1:1 2014 Treecko plush
-Delphox Pokedoll
-Fennekin Head Pillow
-1:1 Snivy plush Japanese version with or without tag!

There will be more on the way. I just have to get my camera phone out and charged up. Happy shopping!
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