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Out of the wood works I emerge...

Whoa, it has been QUITE some time since my last post here; I've all but disappeared off the map here it seems!

Though, it's true my collecting has downshifted a lot this year, more so because I'm forcing myself too. Not that I don't still make a purchase here and there, but I'm trying to be calmer about it.

On that note though, I'm doing a little christmas shopping right now for Toda and looking for things of the following pokemon:

Shuppet/Banette/Mega Banette *Anything except TCG and can badges*

Especially looking for anything Mega Banette-wise; but I don't think there's been much released yet has there?

As for myself... I was wondering... anyone who purchased the new Rayquaza pokemon center plush - how do you like him? Was he worth the price or do you own other Rayquazas that kind of outshine him? I noticed he was posable, which is super neat. I just can't decide if I want to go ahead and drop the money for him or not. I think he's such a derp to be honest, but weirdly enduring haha.
Tags: banette, rayquaza, shuppet, wanted, wants
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