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High Priority Christmas Gift + Questions

Hello everyone, I hope you're feeling wonderful today!
I am still shopping for Litwick Line Christmas presents and I found the main part of the gift to go along with the Chandelure line zukan!
I did not know this existed until now! XD I feel silly!
I am in serious need of a Super DX Litwick plush from the I Love Gothic promo! It does not need its hang tag!! I would prefer to pay no more than $30 shipped for it if that can be arranged! I found one on eBay for far too expensive: (

EDIT: If anyone has used zukan figures in newish condition (no pieces broken off), please contact me! I need to following: delphox, chesnaught, snorlax, chandelure, espeon, honchkrow!

And then, here's one of my question. I also found that there's a little Litwick LED lamp similar to the Pumpkaboo, and I feel like even a used one would be expensive. I searched all over and the only one I found was one unused  for a starting price of about $100 (ouch!) I was wondering if that's accurate and if not, how much are they? how much would they be used? I'm sure they're out of my price range, but I can't find them anywhere so I was wondering if anyone in the comm had one they can value for me!

Also, another question unrelated to Litwick!
I see a lot of plushes for sale as Mint With Tag. I was wondering, sellers out there, what do you consider mint when talking about a plush? Is it mint when it had all tags undamaged? I feel that would be more considered new than mint. I imagine mint to be something carefully sealed to preserve it. I feel like it's pretty hard to consider a plush that's been handled mint condition. Please politely correct me if I'm wrong! What do you think?

EDIT: One more question! Does the comm ever do anything similar to secret santa?
Thanks for your time (:


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