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collection update

Gah. I still haven't done an actual collection post; I need to work on that sometime.  But, in the meanwhile (I'm putting off studying 'cause this is infinitely more enjoyable), two updates!  (one overdue...)

But, first, I finally wandered up to NYC this past Saturday and located Nintendo World!  :)  I was definitely super-excited.

I definitely spent quite a bit while I was there . . .


yay!  :)  I've been after Piplup for a while now, ever since I first ordered one for my sister from the pokemon center website when it was still up and running, so I was very happy to learn that they had it at Nintendo World.  It's so soft!  <3  Of course, I couldn't resist Pikachu (and my mother wanted one, too.)  And mew is super-adorable (although, admittedly, I have one already), and my sister wanted one.  Legendaries~~  ^_^  couldn't resist getting the pair.

Eevee, piplup, and beedrill trading card figures  (at least I think that's what they're officially called...)  ^_^  And tomy's. 

And a closer picture of the Nintendo World 2005 Pichu card that they were giving out with pokemon purchases...

And a long-delayed update photo from Mitsuwa (late August...)


yay!!!  pikachu-ash 10th anniversary movie zukan  ^_^  and pokemon kids.  with multiples.  I actually have a third shaymin sky forme hanging out in my dorm room:

:D  *crosses fingers*  hope the lj-cuts go through all right; they appear like they're not working right now as I type this . . .


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