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Some side collection weeding sales

Well the time has come to part with some of my side collections. I need to focus more on my main collections like Sylveon and Articuno since there is alot of upcoming & past merch I need to save up for. I will definitely be auctioning many more things soon but I hope for now these guys will find some loving homes.

Note: I will not break up the lots since I'd like these sold together and it would be perfect for someone who is looking to start a collection of one of these Pokemon ^^*

EDIT: JUST ADDED a Zukan pieces & misc figures lot :D

EDIT: NOV 16: added Pokedoll & misc towel set :D



Sales permission granted on 8/8/2012 by allinia
I ship from Canada & ship worldwide but shipping might be high depending on where I'm shipping to so please do not bid if this bothers you since I have no control over the shipping rates.
Shipping w/fees for non-flats will probably start at around $8 to the U.S. *international will be more* but I will get a more accurate quote from the post office. I generally ship my items in bubble mailers or a box for added protection.
I accept paypal only
Payment must be made within 48 hrs unless you contact me beforehand but I can definitely give you some more time if needed ;) I am not responsible for lost/damaged items so if you want insurance please ask although it will be very expensive from Canada.

Cheers & Happy Bidding!! ^^

Shinx line lot + Delcatty/Skitty zukan pieces starts at $25 ( includes Jakks Luxio figure (in box but plastic packaging is a bit loose, figure is mint never taken out, Luxray kid, 2 Luxio kids, Shinx kid, Luxray museum figure with standee, Shinx chou, Shinx clipping figure, custom Shinx line luggage tag & Skitty line zukan pieces)


Tynamo line lot starts at $30 (includes Tynamo line full evolution mpcs, really adorable embroidered
Tynamo mini blanket *I believe a comm member nightmarechan made it* * Elesa phone strap


Snivy line lot starts at $60 ( includes the super rare sleepy Snivy plush mint w/tags, Snivy JPN pokedoll mint w/tags, zukan, Serperior bottle cap figure & rare Snivy ceramic chopstick holder)

Stunfisk lot starts at $35 (includes: Bus pass holder, mpc plush, Pepsi strap, Rubber strap, Pokecen charm, magnet set * ceramic chopstik holder)

Metal pokemon set starts at $14
( silver Fennekin, Copper Chespin, Copper Frokie, Silver Meowth & Gold Pikachu)

Blind pokeball can badges set starts at $8 (Xerneas, Yvetal & Inkay)

rare Takara Tomy Diamond/Pearl Leafeon plush w/tags *few minor creases* starts at $38

Leafeon canvas mint w/tags starts at $50



Zukan & Misc lot starts at $30

Both lots together! The only 2 zukan pieces with defects are the Buizel piece *missing tail* and the Spheel *missing a flipper* other than that the others are in great shape!

Zukan lot includes: Swampert, Delcatty, Seadra, Kingdra, Machamp, Vileplume, Magikarp, Floatzel line, Gastly, Staryu line & Spheel

Misc lot includes: Stoutland clipping piece, Wailord & Electrike footprint figures, Charizard metal charm, Lucario & weather trip candy figures, playing dice etc..
Rare pokedoll hand cloth + misc Pokemon towel lot starts at $24

Auction will end Wednesday Nov 19 at 10pm EST. Timer below:
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