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Malaria: *sigh* At least Amber let me open a package this time... I bet it's not a new friend for me though.

Malaria: I knew it... ;~;
Pink Lemonade: Hey, are you okay?
Malaria: ... Nobody really likes me.
Amber: What about me? :\
Pink Lemonade: I don't see why not, you're kinda cute.

Malaria: Really? You like me? :O
Pink Lemonade: Yeah. :)

Malaria: <33333
Pink Lemonade: ^_^

Thank you Toz! Now I only need two more Giratina plush to have all of the ones I'm looking at getting. :D

And here's my current collection, there's even a perfectly sized space for the smaller UFO catcher that I still need to get.
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