~Crimson Angel~ (crimson_angel02) wrote in pkmncollectors,
~Crimson Angel~

Contest Entry. :3

The scariest monster has just invaded the party and the only words you hear before it attacks are…

So here we have Marill all deck up as who else? Paris Hilton and don’t she look “hot”. :p

And of course no spoiled socialite would be complete without her very own itty bitty Chihuahua! In a Bag!

Contest photo


Is it sad that I thought of this while my sister had on that train wreck she’s calls a show on MTV? Or even sadder that it took me a few days to think of what outfit I was going to have Marill wear? ^^;

The whole Eevee as her Chihuahua was a total fluke as I was going to use a random stuffed Chihuahua until I noticed how much Eevee's pokedoll looks sort of like a Chihuahua. x3

Collection update coming soon as I feel I’m due for one. xD I can’t even remember that last time I have one to be honest. ^^;
Tags: contest
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