violet_rare (violet_rare) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Yay, got some new goodies this week, still waiting for a bit tho :O

so here are some picks :D

IMG_20141113_151644 Bought a lot of plush for this cute little guy and he got here within 3-4 days, and i love him sooo much :D :D
This awesome clear file was bought off of the comm!! love it so much but it got damaged a bit in the post unfortunately.... but luckily larvitars image was not damaged....
IMG_20141112_122228Plush lot of 4 and dragonite/dragonair plush :D Cant wait for the UFO plush i have ordered off the comm and some customes to get here :D :D

Will be leaving people feedback on friday.

Also, i was wondering if pkmn collectors have/would like a facebook group that could be a bit more casual, like just being able to converse with a bunch of other collectors and stuff, it could be a fun idea! idk


My wants for this week are the 2 tyranitar chuppas, not wanting to pay more thant $20 shipped each, and if they are together id really not want to spend more than $30 (: lemme knoww :D
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