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Mudkip and Lucario Pokedoll Offers + Sales!!

Hey guys,
This is a bit upsetting for me, but I've decided to start weeding a little :( which, on the positive side, will leave me more money and space to dedicate to my main collections! I'm also moving out of college really soon, so I figured now was the best time to do it!

General info:
- I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 19/09/2014
- My feedback can be found here.
- All Pkmncollectors community rules apply.
- I will NOT sell to any banned members.
- If you are seriously concerned about a plush's condition, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK OR REQUEST CLOSE-UPS!

- First person to inquire about an item will be given priority, whether they commit or not.
- If you DO NOT commit, you will be given 24 hours (12 hours if the person below you commits) to respond to a quote. After this time, priority will go to the next person.
- Once you DO commit, payment is due within 24 hours, unless a prior arrangement has been made.

- Shipping is from Australia, however I do ship internationally!
- Shipping for flats starts at $0.70 domestically and $2.80 internationally.
- For international packages or larger packages, I will need to run down to the post office to get you a more accurate quote.
- I am NOT responsible for items once they have been shipped out. If you would like tracking + insurance, please ask beforehand!!

- Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping or fees, unless indicated otherwise.
- I only accept Paypal for international buyers.
- Australian buyers may also pay via bank deposit to save on fees, but I will wait for funds to process before your items are shipped

WARNING: Those who do not abide by these rules WILL be left negative feedback!!

Offers may end at any time!

Lucario JP 2005 Pokedoll TTO - starts at $20
Mudkip Kawaii Banpresto MWT (tag is still sturdy but has signs of aging, please feel free to ask for a close-up if you are really concerned about it!) - starts at $15

Ho-Oh US 2010 Pokedoll TTO - this is up for straight sale at $15 SOLD!


Hasbro Mudkip TTO - $16 OBO
Jakks Budew TTO - $5
May's Bulbasaur TTO (loved and missing her pot! I usually make her hold Hoppip instead) - $10
12" Unofficial Jolteon plush - $10
Togepi Bandai Friends plush - $6
Reuniclus MPC TTO (keychain still intact) - $7
Play-by-Play Blastoise (loved) - $10
Fuzzy TOMY Squirtle (loved, missing tush tag, has scratches on his eyes but could be repainted?) - $5
Small Play-by-Play Squirtle (extremely loved, missing tush tag, his head has been stitched up the poor thing) - FREEBIE (could increase shipping)
(Please refer to this picture for a close-up of the 2 squirtles!)

Hoppip Bandai Friends plush TTO - $10
Ivysaur Bandai Friends plush TTO - $10

I can try to ship these bad boys as flats to save on shipping!
Inkay pin MIP - $2
Chespin chest-pin (lol) MIP - $3

Ignore Finn - he's not for sale, he's just selling the figures in my place!
Bandai Kid figures:
Gardevoir - $3
Leafeon - $3
Ampharos - $3

Used Squirtle figure lot:
Dark Squirtle roller thingy
Squirtle squirter? (squeezable, has small squirty hole where his mouth is)
Squirtle pencil topper 1
Squirtle pencil topper 2
ALL for $4

Finally, here is a link to my TCG sales!

Thanks everyone, hope you're all having a lovely week!
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